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We recently teamed up with The Aerial Academy, a CAA National Qualified Entity, to offer flight training and assessment services on fixed wing UAS. Together we can cover everything needed to put a fixed wing system in the air, including supply of complete UAS, flight training, flight assessment and operations manual support in order to add this onto a CAA Permission for Aerial Work. Training facilities are available at multiple locations in the UK. This would be suitable for anyone currently flying multi-rotors and wishing to add fixed wing aircraft to their permissions.

Vertech Imaging offers a range of three ready-to-fly fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These are intended for technical work, from precision agriculture and mapping, to conservation, surveillance, humanitarian and search & rescue applications.

By leveraging 30 years experience in remote controlled aircraft assembly and flight, we are able to produce ready-to-fly systems built to the highest specification for reliability and durability. The performance of our systems can easily match proprietary systems, at an affordable price point.

We have compiled detailed build logs for our aircraft to document the modifications and enhancements required to convert these airframes into serious commercial UAS. Please click on the the images below to view: